1. Hail the background

What you’ll learn

The difference between an average photo and a strong photo is usually just a few millimetres. Let me explain.

I heard a statement years ago in a fashion photography workshop that changed the way I approached taking photos – like ALL photos, from that point on. And it becomes truer every day.

It’s so simple it can sound like common sense but it can remain hidden from you, even after many years taking photos.

The background in your photos will make or break your shot. This is the foundation of a strong photo. Everything we walk through from hereon in will build on this fundamental principle.

New skills

  • Understand that the subject in your photo is the most important thing, but the background is more important
  • Start moving the camera to see your photo change and tune in to whether the background helps or hurts the photo

Pro tips

  • The best background may not be where you’re first standing
  • Move and explore to find the best background and keep looking at the photo the whole time
  • Watch the world in your shot change as you move
  • Millimetres will make a difference

Lesson examples

Client shoot examples

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