What you'll learn

What you’ll learn

This course is about finding strong photos in every situation with whatever camera you have in your hand.

There are 2 myths

  1. The key to better photos is in understanding the buttons and dials on your camera
  2. The key to better photos is in upgrading your camera

While there is some truth in both of these technically, they’re way down the list in what’ll make a difference to your photos.

It’s all about training your eye

We demystify photo composition. Watch in real-time as we apply simple, practical camera movements to transform photos. We also provide tips and photo example from our commercial work to lock in your new learnings.

The biggest variable in a strong photo is your ability to find it, not the buttons and dials or the quality of the camera you are holding.

What you’ll learn from this course, you can’t buy from a camera shop.

We’ll walk through 12 photo composition techniques for you to add to your photography toolbox.

Develop your ability to find a strong photo every single time.

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